Arizona girls get special Build-A-Bear Christmas gifts to remember late father

For children whose father has died, Christmas can be a sad time. Holding on to memories are difficult because the void remains.

But thanks to the ingenuity of an Arizona girl and her mother, the memory of a Phoenix man who died in June was preserved in a special way for the teen's two younger sisters, KPNX reported.

When 12-year-old Aaralyn Angel and her 7-year-old sister, Allani, opened one of their gifts on Christmas Day, they found a Build-A-Bear for each of them sprayed with the favorite Burberry cologne of their late father, Albert Angel. Urged to squeeze the bear, the girls then heard a recording of their father singing "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down," by Alabama. Both girls began to cry uncontrollably as older sister Alina Angel and their mother, Stephanie Angel, recorded their reactions, KPNX reported.

Albert Angel died of systemic lupus and several surgeries, KPNX reported. Alina, 16, and her mother bought the three teddy bears and had them customized for the two young girls and their grandmother. In addition to the cologne and recording, the bears were dressed in miniature shirts made from the material of one of Albert Angel’s shirts.

Alina picked the recording of her father singing the Alabama song because it was clear audio and her father’s voice was easily recognizable, KPNX reported.

The video on Twitter now has nearly 6 million views. Alina said the reaction on Twitter was supportive and heartwarming.

“I would have never expected that,” Alina told KPNX. “Most of my videos get six views.”