Accidental Google search allegedly ruins man's life

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Many people who use search engines eventually wind up entering in a typo or incorrect term that results in some rather interesting, and sometimes shocking, search results. According to a former government contractor, such a minor misstep while using Google has turned his life into a living nightmare.

In a lawsuit, Jeffrey Kantor claims that the federal government has been harassing him ever since he accidentally entered in the search term "How do I build a radio controlled bomb?" Kantor claims he actually meant to type "How do I build a radio controlled airplane?" but Google's auto-complete feature populated the search field with the "bomb" text, and he hit enter before he realized it. reports Kantor was fired by the government contracting firm he was working for after the government unleashed an invasive investigation into every aspect of his life.

The actions Kantor claims were taken against him include visits by government investigators at his place of work, where he was allegedly subjected to anti-Semitic comments by agents.

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Kantor also alleges the government monitored his e-mails, library books checked out, personal phone calls and private conversations in his home.

Kantor claims that fellow contractors at his Army job were given access to that private information and would repeat it back to him and make "veiled threats" to him on a daily basis.

Kantor's lawsuit names a who's-who of government officials as responsible for the harassment, including; Attorney General Eric Holder, CIA Director John Brennan, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry.

He is seeking nearly $14 million in compensatory damages and an additional $45 million in punitive damages.