Warning: Bank teller window pads may be easily tampered with

ATLANTA - A Channel 2 Action News investigation has discovered the keypads at the bank teller window could tell information about you to the next person in line.

Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland put banks, and those machines, to the test undercover.

Strickland started with a Wells Fargo bank branch on Clairmont Road after a bank customer told us about what she saw displayed on one of those keypads.

We went is with two cameras and kept them rolling as a man in a hoodie walked into the bank.

The video shows him fiddle with the card reader at a teller window. He was there for minutes. A bank employee even walked right by him and no one said anything.

“And he’s right next to the office of the manager’s office. He walks right by him and didn’t say a thing. That’s amazing,” customer Candy Palmer-Steele told Strickland as they watched the video.

“How does it make you feel about the security of your bank account?” Strickland asked Palmer-Steele.

“Well I didn’t feel good to begin with, not after that happened to me,” she told Strickland.

Palmer-Steele called Channel 2 Action News after she had to alert a Wells Fargo human teller that the machine at the window was lit up with someone else's account information.

“She said, ‘Oh! That’s probably the girl that was in front of you. It’s probably her account.’ And I said, ‘Well that doesn’t really make me feel very good, because does that mean the guy behind me can see mine?’” Palmer-Steele said.

We take the video to a cybercrime expert who found something even more troubling, for a LIVE report, Monday on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m.