The Well of Roswell offers a place to work on journeys

Credit: Donna Futrell

Credit: Donna Futrell

Q: I’m re-examining some areas of my life - past and present. The Well of Roswell was suggested to me. Would you tell me about this place?

A: The Well of Roswell is a community of eight independent therapists offering a variety of therapy, classes, counseling, coaching and workshops with the goal to empower others.

The owners, Becky Arrington and Donna Futrell, left their corporate worlds with the intent to create an environment centering on journeys of healing, spiritual awakening and coaching.

“Everything we do is pretty much a combination. We bring the metaphysical to the mainstream of being able to then get health benefits and the things that are more down to earth,” Arrington said. “We are really just facilitators. We just help you along the way.”

The center offers a range of services: yoga; therapies such as crystal, color, polarity, hypnotherapy, fertility and pelvic floor; scripting class; and support groups.

“We are starting a networking group for area practitioners for other people who deal in this heart-centered therapeutic world,” said Arrington.

When asked about the most popular class or event, Arrington said, “I think it is the sound journey held by Michael Burke who is a certified sound healer.

“It’s an evening where people come in, lie down on yoga mats. We give you an eye pillow, blanket and a pillow. He (Burke) sets up a variety of different percusses - bowls and gongs. It really is transformative. We feature that every month and it sells out very quickly,” she added.

Through the pandemic, Arrington has found a shift in seekers - a “hunger” - to take it to the next or new level.

For those new in the realm of meditation or energy, co-owner Futrell said, “Our focus is to help them understand what is happening in their mind and body and their surroundings. They can have an influence on that.”

Address: Old Roswell Lakes Business Community, 900 Old Roswell Lakes Parkway, Suite 300, Roswell.

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