Sushi takes a hit at Sam’s in Duluth

Multiple public health interventions were made during a routine inspection of Sam’s Sushi & Japanese Restaurant in Duluth.

Mold was in the ice machine, on pipes connected to the live fish tanks and on the wall behind the tanks. It was the second consecutive time mold was found on the fish tanks.

The facility had no parasite destruction documentation for sea cucumbers, sea squirts, or small octopuses it sells to customers. In addition, the aquaculture salmon and tuna also had no parasite destruction documents.

The inspector said fish and seafood at Sam’s must be served fully cooked until the documents are provided and approved by the health authority.

Some foods in the coolers were improperly stored. For example, raw eggs were over tofu and noodles, and raw seafood was over sauces and vegetables.

Sam’s Sushi & Japanese Restaurant, 3525 Mall Blvd., scored 64/U and will be re-inspected.