Dessert and Coffee Shop Has Plans to Take on Sugar and Wheat on a National Basis

One of Zambawango's summer desserts features seasonal key limes in a cheesecake.
One of Zambawango's summer desserts features seasonal key limes in a cheesecake.

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

Q: A couple of months ago I started a keto/low carb lifestyle and a neighbor brought me some cookies and a slice of cake from the bakery Zambawango in Sandy Springs. The taste and texture surprised me. Can you tell me about this place?

A: The desserts and coffee shop on Abernathy Road offers a healthy alternative to the conventional breakfast and desserts made with sugar and wheat flour.

The store’s target audience is low carb according to Founder and President George Coundouriotis but cancer patients, diabetics, keto fans and the health/fitness audience alike come to satisfy their carb or sweet tooth cravings.

“It’s pretty much a first of its kind that captures many different elements: No sugar added, Gluten-free, low carb desserts, bagels and other things,” said Coundouriotis.

“Zero compromise in taste. What does that mean? When you taste that product, the reaction of the customer needs to be ‘Wow, that is delicious,’ " the chief tasting officer said.

The guilty pleasure has been transformed into a healthy food by using coconut and almond flours. The products contain 4 grams of net carbs or less, according to their website.

“Eggs, cream, butter, all those other things, are actually excellent sources of energy. You don’t get any of that bloating or sugar highs and you forget that you’ve eaten perhaps a big slice of carrot cake because you’re not dragging afterwards,” he added.

Social media helped spread Zambawango’s popularity, leaving the rest of the country asking for shipping, Coundouriotis said.

Alpharetta became home to the bakery’s kitchen that focuses on the orders to be shipped.

“We have met so many interesting, wonderful people. In the Abernathy store, we know our customer’s faces. In our shipping facility, the names become familiar,” the founder said.

Their vision is to take on sugar and wheat on a national basis, he said.

Address: 901 Abernathy Road, CU 400, Sandy Springs (404-879-9731).

For more information, visit www.zambawango.com


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