Roaches tank health score at Venti Bistro

At Venti Italian Bistro in Cherokee County, the person in charge squished a live roach with gloved hands and continued without changing gloves during a routine health inspection Monday. When confronted by the inspector, the gloves were washed with water but not taken off and discarded.

The inspector said the restaurant nearly had a roach infestation. There were multiple live roaches in the back kitchen area by the dishwasher, sinks, glove station, and underneath the prep cooler. There were also numerous dead roaches and roach egg cases.

Venti, 14260 Cumming Highway, Cumming, earned a failing health score of 58/U. The inspector said the restaurant would be rechecked for roaches later this week, and if not controlled, the facility may have to close due to an infestation in the kitchen.

Among other violations, multiple foods in the prep coolers, as well as heavy cream and breaded eggplant in the kitchen were out of temperature and discarded. Lasagna and an opened carton of milk in the walk-in cooler had no dates for discarding.

Dishes with visible food debris were stored clean, and other equipment was also unclean.