Repeat violations lead to failing score for Emerald China

Emerald China Restaurant in Duluth failed a second consecutive routine inspection, scoring 49/U.

There were several repeat violations. For example, cooked foods were not cooling correctly to prevent contamination. A large tub of wings and two containers of canned bamboo and baby corn were not at safe temperatures. The chicken was discarded.

The restaurant had problems with time control for cold foods, a third consecutive violation.

Other repeat violations include no date marking for prepared foods held more than 24 hours, utensils stored in tepid water between uses, and improperly thawing frozen food. For example, the sesame chicken was thawing on a cart and at room temperature.

Among other violations, the hot and sour and egg drop soups were at unsafe temperatures and discarded.

An employee was preparing raw chicken without a hair restraint, and another was preparing sauces without a hair restraint.

Emerald China Restaurant, 3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., will be re-inspected. The restaurant failed a routine inspection in December, scoring 56/U.