Repeat food temp violation hurts Gabe’s Downtown Douglasville

During a recent routine health inspection, food temperatures were again above safe levels at Gabe’s Downtown at Douglasville.

As a result, foods stored in all the reach-in coolers, prep coolers, walk-in cooler and counters were discarded or put on ice. Cold-holding foods must be at temperatures of 41 degrees or below to prevent contamination.

The temperature code was a repeat violation, leading to a failing score of 66/U for Gabe’s, 6716 Church St., Douglasville.

In other violations, raw shrimp was next to ready-to-eat foods in the prep top cooler, putting the items at risk of contamination. In addition, time documentation was absent from cooked rice and lemon dairy sauce held out of refrigeration.

An employee washed their hands while wearing gloves instead of removing them and putting on a clean pair afterward.

The inspector said the facility’s concrete kitchen floors were not smooth and easily cleanable.

Gabe’s Downtown at Douglasville will have a follow-up inspection. Its previous score was 74/C.