Pandia Health offers easier access to birth control

Image shows a mailbox with a white hand reaching in to grab several pieces of mail, including a package of birth control pills.

Pandia Health is a doctor-led, women-founded and women-led birth control delivery company coming to Atlanta. Courtesy of Pandia Health

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, access to healthcare is more important than ever. That’s why the launch of Pandia Health in Atlanta is exciting for anyone looking for birth control. According to co-founder and CEO of Pandia Health, Sophia Yen, Pandia Health is the only doctor-led, women-founded and women-led birth control delivery company.

“Anyone in Atlanta, and [all of ] Georgia, with a birth control pill prescription can use our free delivery service,” said Yen. “If you need a prescription, you can use our birth control expert doctors for just $20 once a year. You get unlimited follow-ups for one year.”

This is good news in a time when going to the doctor can feel unsafe and paying for medical care is difficult for many. Plus, Pandia Health eliminates the need for a trip to the pharmacy, which can cut down on potential illness exposures.

“We want to make sure no one runs out of birth control on our watch,” said Yen. “We are providing cutting edge, evidence-based care, convenience and confidentiality. "

According to Yen, one of the most common reasons for missed birth control pills is running out. Pandia Health has free delivery, automatic refills and annual reminders to see your prescriber to make it easier to stay on track.

“We’re also educating people that birth control is used for things other than birth control, such as painful period cramps, so much bleeding that you get anemia, acne, PCOS, endometriosis and more,” said Yen. “As the only doctor-led company in birth control delivery, Pandia Health will always share what’s best for your health, even if it doesn’t help our bottom line.”

Who’s helping?

Pandia Health

Services: Free delivery of birth control pills, automatic refills, remote consultations with birth control expert doctors for just $20 a year and annual reminders to see your prescriber.

How to help: To help those who cannot afford their medications, donate to the Pandia Health Birth Control Fund at

How to get help: You can sign up with Pandia Health at If you don’t have insurance and you need help paying for the medications or the medical visit, you can apply to the Pandia Health Birth Control Fund at

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