Roswell police release 2022 Annual Report

Credit: Roswell Police Department

Credit: Roswell Police Department

The Roswell Police Department has released its 2022 Annual Report. The report outlines the department’s structure, budget, crime and calls for service statistics, employee highlights and division information.

Among the highlights, the department reports a 23.08% decrease in robberies and 29.45% decrease in auto thefts. Unfortunately, the city did see a 50% increase in homicides from four in 2021 to six in 2022.

The report also notes the city’s adoption of a “Best-in-Class Pay” plan for the RPD. “This came at a critical time. We had experienced an increase in our vacant sworn positions,” notes Chief of Police James Conroy in an opening letter of the report. “This increase in pay, 20% of our starting salary, attracted well-qualified sworn personnel from surrounding police departments.” The result, RPD hired 36 police officers in 2022 and, at the time of report, had no vacant positions.

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