Public invited to comment on Morgan Falls bank stabilization in Sandy Springs

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

The Watershed Protection Branch of the Environmental Protection Division invites the public to comment on a variance to encroach within 50-foot of the state water buffer as part of the Morgan Falls Overlook Park bank stabilization in Sandy Springs. Citizens have until Mar. 14 to review plans and comment.

This project will stabilize soil and halt erosion underneath and adjacent to the dock at Bull Sluice Lake/Reservoir. The plan calls for field stone boulders to be placed along with native herbaceous plants and trees to prevent further soil loss and displacement of the gangway and dock as water levels fluctuate due to upstream dam releases.

The proposed project will result in 200 linear feet of buffer disturbance for about two months at the Chattahoochee River in the Upper Chattahoochee Watershed.

Site plans are available for review at the Watershed Protection Branch, 200 Piedmont Avenue SW, Suite 418 West, Atlanta. Contact Arnettia Murphy at 404-656-4147 or to schedule an appointment to review the plans.