Johns Creek to address flooding in Foxworth subdivision

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Since Johns Creek adopted a stormwater utility in 2021, the city has been identifying infrastructure needing the most attention. The first such significant repair project was the failing culvert on the north side of Old Alabama Road, northwest of Autry Falls Way. Those repairs were completed in October 2022.

The next significant repair project will alleviate flooding in the Foxworth subdivision. After even a brief rainstorm, the Foxmoor Circle cul-de-sac floods and standing water remains for an extended period following a rainstorm.

After analysis of the drainage system, the city determined the flooding is being caused by undersized stormwater pipes between the cul-de-sac and the downstream headwall. The city has approved a $398,325 construction contract with Construction 57 and a $41,000 contract with Lowe Engineers to replace the undersized stormwater pipes from the Foxmoor Circle cul-de-sac approximately 570 feet downstream with appropriately sized pipes.

The project should begin this month with construction taking about 90 days.