Johns Creek approves $400K engineering contract for Buice Road bridge replacement

The Johns Creek City Council recently approved a $400,000 contract with Kimley-Horn and Associates to complete engineering for the Buice Road Bridge Replacement Project.

The project involves replacing the existing bridge at a higher elevation on Buice Road over Johns Creek between Farmbrook Lane and Twingate Drive to help mitigate flooding upstream and road closures during heavy rainfall.

The city evaluated two concept-level alternatives for the bridge replacement – one that retains the bridge in its existing location and one that realigns and reconstructs the bridge south of the current location.

The city has chosen to engineer the existing location alternative since it will have the least impact to adjacent properties, the shortest construction duration, and lowest cost.

As part of replacing the bridge, pedestrian connectivity will be added over Johns Creek as well as improved guardrail approaches to meet current safety standards.