New City Buffet flagged for multiple food safety violations

New City Buffet in Riverdale had numerous food safety violations during a recent routine health inspection.

Flies were throughout the kitchen, including around the buffet and food prep areas. In addition, fly traps were in the food prep area and a can of Raid was above the bulk food items.

Boxes of potatoes, raw chicken and oil were stored on the floor throughout the kitchen. Raw chicken was thawing in stagnant water in the vegetable sink.

Numerous items were uncovered in the walk-in cooler, and other refrigerated items were also uncovered, such as the sauces, raw fish and chicken wings, fried wings and chicken nuggets.

Multiple foods in coolers were at unsafe temperatures. Boiled eggs, cabbage, raw shrimp, cooked potatoes, chicken and other items were moved to another cooler to lower their temperatures.

Hot foods like chicken nuggets, fried chicken and rice were not at safe temperatures.

Employees were not following proper handwashing procedures. For example, multiple employees came from outside into the kitchen and began handling food without washing their hands.

New City Buffet, 7165 Highway 85, Riverdale, scored 49/U on a recent routine inspection, down from a 97/A earned in June. It will be re-inspected.