Movie Tavern food service fails inspection

At Movie Tavern in Suwanee, food safety control measures were not satisfactory during a recent health inspection. There were violations involving bare hands, no hair restraints, hand sinks, and cooking and cooling foods.

The theater at 2855 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road scored a failing 43/U on the Dec. 22 inspection.

During the inspection, food-prep employees were not wearing hair restraints, and one employee filled a customer’s cup with bare hands. Also, personal items were in unapproved areas, and uncovered employee drink cups from other restaurants were on prep tables and shelves.

A hamburger was served medium rare, as per customer order, but against restaurant policy. Food must be fully cooked and not served rare, the inspector said. In addition, a container of hot cheese did not cool to a safe temperature within four hours.

Hand sinks were blocked and not easily accessible. Some were used to fill containers with water and dump other liquids. Sanitizer buckets and the dish sink had too little chlorine, and the facility had no chlorine test kit.