Moldy food, household appliances at Atlanta Donuts

Atlanta Donuts had multiple foods with mold or some decay during a recent routine health inspection.

The food items, which were in a reach-in cooler and on a prep table, were discarded. In addition, multiple prepared foods such as kolache, salsa and deli ham were refrigerated without date marking for disposal.

Atlanta Donuts, 394 Cleveland Ave., Atlanta, scored 65/U, down from 100/A in September.

Among other violations, some pastries and kolache were at unsafe temperatures, and eggs on the countertop were also at elevated temperatures.

The facility had household cooking equipment – such as a griddle, electric skillet, and kettle – and not commercial grade as required.

There was also a cot, a bed, clothing, and hygiene items in the storage area. And employee food items were among customer food in the freezer, coolers, shelves, and table.

Atlanta Donuts will be re-inspected.