I Luv Hot Pot needs new kitchen floor

At I Luv Hot Pot in Duluth, a new kitchen floor is required to reinstate the restaurant’s food permit.

Unapproved painted flooring in the food preparation and storage areas must be changed. This is the restaurant’s second consecutive violation of the matter, and as a result, its food permit was suspended.

I Luv Hot Pot received a failing score and must correct the flooring by Nov. 29.

Among other violations at the Vietnamese noodle bar, the person in charge of food safety was not in the restaurant when the inspection began. An employee picked up food from the floor and then put other foods away without changing his gloves.

Several food items refrigerated were above safe temperatures and discarded. Other food in containers was thrown away because it was not appropriately cooled after being left out at room temperature. In addition, the ice machine had mold.

I Luv Hot Pot, 4500 Satellite Blvd #1240, Duluth. Score: 65/U

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