Suwanee Arts Center designs “Dam Dinner”

Nothing like a play on words to grab the attention. Suwanee Arts Center is hoping its upcoming benefit to raise awareness and support for local artists will spark some interest. The “Dam Dinner” will take place 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14 in a Napa Harvest Dinner open-air style on the Dam at Sims Lake Park, 4600 Suwanee Dam Road.

“At first the name Dam Dinner was a nickname we used to refer to the dinner on the dam at Sims Lake Park,” said Suwanee Arts Center President, Sheila Crumrine in a statement. “The board kicked around other names but eventually we realized that an event called the Dam Dinner would get people’s attention.”

The event includes an eclectic evening of live music, entertainment, a curated chef dinner, drinks and wine pull. Organizers promise attendees will be treated to a “blossoming” surprise at the end of the evening.

Donations will help promote local art through exhibitions, festivals and arts education in Suwanee.

Tickets: Information: 678-878-2818 or