Robotics company expanding business to Peachtree Corners’ Curiosity Lab

Peachtree Corners officials recently announced that Seoul Robotics, a company that creates 3D perception software for automated vehicles, has expanded and established an office in the city’s Curiosity Lab.

By working at the Curiosity Lab, the company will be able to further develop its 3D technology, SENSR, and test the platform using the city’s streets.

The SENSR software allows machines to perceive its surroundings — distinguishing people, automobiles and 2-wheel vehicles as they move, according the the company’s website.

“By capturing the world in 3D, Seoul Robotics provides deep, actionable insights and new capabilities, including spatial security, rail, and aviation collision avoidance, wrong-way detection on roadways, vehicle congestion, and pedestrian-vehicle interactions,” said William Muller, vice president of business development for Seoul Robotics.

Credit: Seoul Robotics Website

Credit: Seoul Robotics Website

Muller also said that data collected by the software — such as how long cars spend at traffic signals or how many near misses occur between cars and pedestrians — can make streets safer and greener.

Peachtree Corners officials agree that Seoul Robotics will help the city enhance roadway safety by “identifying roadway intersections and areas that can be made more efficient.”

“Seoul Robotics’ technologies bring another layer of smart city solutions for Peachtree Corners to deploy along our ‘city street of the future’,” said Brandon Branham, Peachtree Corners Assistant City Manager who also serves as Curiosity Lab’s executive director.