Lilburn police ready to protect with vulnerable citizens registry

Credit: CUSTOM

Credit: CUSTOM

The Lilburn Police Department has initiated a voluntary Vulnerable Citizens Registry program to allow caregivers to provide information such as who to call in an emergency, a detailed physical description and any particular sensitivities the person may experience.

The program is ideal for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia, non-verbal autistic children, persons with an acquired brain injury or other special needs that could make them vulnerable in an emergency and unable to help themselves.

When responding to a call for assistance, officers are alerted beforehand if the registrant has an inability to communicate or displays aggression, irrational fear or oversensitivity to sensory stimulus.

Register at or the Lilburn Police Department, 4600 Lawrenceville Highway. Questions: Lt. Chris Dusik at or 770-638-2185.