Demolition set for Villa Lodge & Suites in Lawrenceville

The Lawrenceville City Council recently awarded a $187,000 contract to low bidder, Tristar America, LLC for the Villa Lodge & Suites Demolition Project.

This project will completely demolish all the building structures including floor slabs, swimming pool, asphalt & concrete paving, footings, basement/crawlspace walls, retaining walls, all islands, canopies, signs, etc. at the former Villa Lodge & Suites, 512 West Crogan St.

All debris, junk, and trash will be removed and disposed of properly. The contractor will backfill disturbed areas with good dirt with the end result that the area will have a smooth flat slope, drain well, be covered with seed and straw or hydro seeded after demolition.

Lawrenceville partnered with the Downtown Development Authority to purchase the property in August as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the Lawrenceville Highway corridor near Central Gwinnett High School. The city partnered with Impact46 and the Lawrenceville Response Center to provide relocation funding, housing assistance, and financial/job counseling to individuals who had been living at the facility.