Fresh Touchdown Wings drops the ball

Mushrooms were being cut directly from the produce storage box without washing during a routine health inspection at Fresh Touchdown Wings in Decatur.

Also, raw chicken wings, thawing at room temperature at the meat sink, were moved into the walk-in cooler to finish thawing and prevent food-borne bacteria growth. A pot of fried rice was thrown out due to unsafe temperatures.

The DeKalb County health inspector said the person in charge was unable to demonstrate knowledge about food service operations at the establishment.

Among other violations, encrusted food debris was found on containers in storage. Food debris was also in the hand-washing sink, which was not being used solely for cleaning hands. The inspector said that the interior door panel of the chest freezer was in disrepair and should be replaced.

Fresh Touchdown Wings will have another inspection before the year’s end.

Fresh Touchdown Wings, 2079 S. Hairston Road, posted a health score of 71/C on the Nov. 30 inspection, down from 93/A earned in October.