Food truck fails Cherokee County health inspection

Meatballerz food truck had several critical violations during a Cherokee County health inspection, including employees not knowing when to wash their hands or change gloves.

Employees were moving from multiple tasks with gloves on – like handling money and cleaning the unit – but didn’t wash their hands when putting on new gloves to prepare food. Employee training was given because the same violations had been noted during a previous inspection.

In another repeat violation, the sinks had no hot water. After turning on the hot water from the tank, the three-compartment sink faucet did heat up, but not the hand sink.

The inspector said that the hot and cold water supply is not sufficient for the unit to operate, especially during peak demands. Therefore, both sinks must have hot water before serving in Cherokee County again.

In other violations, the fried pizza dough was stored beside the hand sink and exposed to contamination. Meatballs and marinara sauce in one of the steam units were not held at safe temperatures and needed reheating.

Meatballerz food truck, based at 3781 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, scored 60/U on the routine Cherokee County inspection and will be re-inspected.