Food safety manager needed at Papa John’s in Norcross

A Papa John’s in Norcross did not have proper management control over food safety and failed a recent routine inspection.

According to the inspection report, the location doesn’t have a certified food safety manager familiar with the food codes. When the inspector arrived, employees were eating in the kitchen before throwing the food away.

A container of soapy water, a box of hand sanitizers, and an all-purpose cleaner were on the prep table with single-serve items.

In other violations, Alfredo sauce and cream cheese were discarded for being held at room temperature but not under time control. Several dented cans were also discarded.

The prepared pizza sauce was not labeled with start and discard times on the containers. In addition, other longer-lasting items, like sausage, beef, cheese and pepperoni, were also not date-marked.

Wings were not reheated to safe temperatures and were discarded.

Papa John’s Pizza, 5200 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross, scored 61/U and will be re-inspected. Its previous score was 88/B.