Peachtree City launches security camera database

Operation Connect lets Peachtree City homeowners or business owners note the location of their security cameras to help police investigate nearby crimes. Courtesy Peachtree City

Credit: Courtesy Peachtree City

Credit: Courtesy Peachtree City

Peachtree City has begun a new voluntary program called Operation Connect to create a database of private security cameras whose footage might be useful for police investigations. Any homeowner or business with a doorbell camera or other video security device can register their location at Participants note their contact information and the type of security system they have (including how long the video footage is stored) so that if a crime occurs in that area, the police can contact nearby residents and ask them to check if their video footage might help identify suspects or provide other important details.

The program does not allow the police to directly access any video cameras or recordings. Previously, police officers would go door to door in areas where crimes occurred to solicit possible video footage; the Operation Connect registry will reduce the time spent doing that.

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