DeKalb set to kick off bicentennial festivities

DeKalb County is set to begin a year of festivities marking its bicentennial.

The celebration will kick off at 6 p.m. Friday at the Historic DeKalb County Courthouse, located at 101 East Court Square in downtown Decatur. The event is free and open to the public.

“During the kickoff, a rendering of a mural depicting the history of DeKalb County from prehistoric times to modern development will be unveiled,” a press release announcing the event said. “CEO [Michael] Thurmond will also provide an update on plans to refurbish the Historic DeKalb County Courthouse and implementation of the county’s Bicentennial Beautification Plan.”

Honorary chairs of the county’s bicentennial commission also will be announced, the press release said.

DeKalb County — which is named after Johann de Kalb, a German national who aided American colonists in the Revolutionary War — was formed on Dec. 9, 1822.

“The yearlong celebration of DeKalb’s bicentennial will serve as a unifying force in the life of our county,” Thurmond said. “History is more than the simple recitation of facts and dates. A more expansive and inclusive presentation of DeKalb’s history will strengthen our resolve to overcome present challenges and achieve future goals and objectives.”