Austell replaces police camera system

Austell is joining Cobb County and the other Cobb cities to buy the Flock Camera System and discontinue the use of the city’s Georgia Power License Plate Reader cameras.

The decision was approved recently by the Austell City Council.

Austell’s cost is $45,250 and a yearly fee of $40,000 that will save the city “a substantial amount of money each year,” according to a city statement.

Along with the Flock Camera System, the city’s police department will purchase 15 cameras.

Goals of the Flock cameras are to reduce crime in targeted areas and capture objective evidence to increase investigative leads, the statement said.

Case study has suggested that a 60% reduction in crime has occurred in Cobb County with the use of Flock cameras, the statement added.

Until this decision, Austell was the only city in Cobb County that did not have the Flock Camera System.

The cameras are to be used inter-agency and can be used to integrate agencies together.