Breakfast spot Two Eggs fails inspection

Two Eggs Breakfast & Lunch in Conyers failed a routine health inspection with multiple critical violations. Most were corrected onsite.

Employees were handling dirty dishes and then taking clean dishes from the dishwasher without washing their hands. Also, an employee touched raw shrimp with a bare hand and pulled out cooked chicken sausage from another cooler without washing their hands.

Some foods were not protected from contamination. For example, raw eggs were prepped on a table above lids and containers. Frozen green tomatoes were next to raw frozen shrimp, and raw chicken tenders were with fries in the reach-in freezer. And sliced bread was on top of eggs in the prep cooler.

The facility had no digital thermometer or other approved device for measuring food temperatures. Multiple squeeze bottles and shakers were not labeled. The walk-in freezer had ice accumulation on the floor.

Two Eggs Breakfast & Lunch, 1965 Highway 138, scored 56/U, down from an 86/B in January. It will be re-inspected.