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Morgan Falls Overlook Park offers a large play area for children.
Morgan Falls Overlook Park offers a large play area for children.

Credit: Contribute

Credit: Contribute

Q: I’ve often heard that Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs is a park everyone should visit at least once and they will wonder why they didn’t come sooner. Can you tell me about this park?

A: The 30-acre riverside park opened in 2010 that includes a picnic pavilion, playground, boat dock, hiking trail, porch swings, restrooms and a large public fire pit.

It was the first new park opened by the City of Sandy Springs since its incorporation.

“It was originally targeted to be a dog park. It was covered with weeds, vines, wisteria and bamboo. Once they started clearing the land the vision changed as they saw the potential for much more than a dog park,” said Communications Director Sharon Kraun.

In addition to the amenities, a historical chimney was salvaged when the land was cleared. It overlooks the Chattahoochee River as it enters the Morgan Falls Reservoir. The stacked stone chimney is believed to have been built from local fieldstone in the 1830s, according to a marker on the site. William Power owned the land from 1893 until he died in 1885.

“It was considered a jewel when we opened it and it still is considered the jewel for our park system. It gets a ton of use from the variety of folks seen down there,” Kraun said.

The playground covers 9,000 square feet with a synthetic turf base. It features child and toddler swings; 2- to 5-year-old and 5- to 12-year-old playground sets with slides, crawl tubes, ground elements; a large spider climber and toddler-oriented spring toys.

During the warmer season, paddleboards, kayaks and canoe rentals are available.

The green space is clean and well kept. On a recent Thursday, there were young families in the playground area, couples walking their dogs and a few taking advantage of the swings. A small group in the pavilion was having a meeting.

“Unless it is pouring down rain, it is always in use,” said the director. “It has always been about a sense of community and a quality place for our residents and tourists.”

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