Where can I find it?

Q: We read your column in The AJC and see that you help many people find the things that they have fallen in love with. We went to Ensenada, Mexico, in November for our 56th anniversary and visited Santo Tomas Wine Store. While tasting wines, we bought a bottle of Aceite De Oliva Extra Vigen (olive oil). It has “Nevadillo” at the top of the label, which is lime green with black printing. It was so delicious that we have already finished the bottle. The cost of the bottle was $8. We searched the Web, and cannot find out how to buy it from this company. Their website is mostly just pushing wine. Can you please find out for us if it is sold in the U.S.A., or must we purchase it in Mexico? It is so good, we really don’t care about the postal expense. Thanking you in advance for your help. — Diane and Bob Korf, Acworth

A: While Italy, Spain and even California come to mind when you think of excellent olive oils, Mexico often does not. However, Santo Tomas Mision extra virgin olive oil snagged the silver medal at the 2013 New York International Olive Oil competition. I found all of the Santo Tomas olive oils, including Nevadillo, online at oldmexicogourmet.com. I’m glad price is not an issue because your $8 bottle of olive oil is now going to cost $29.99, not including shipping. Old Mexico Gourmet is located in Phoenix, and you can call the store at 602-481-5282.

Q: Every week, when I purchase the Sunday AJC at my local Publix grocery store, the first thing I look for is your column. I visited Greenville, S.C., over the holidays and enjoyed some bottled iced tea made by INKO’S, a company I’ve never heard of. It was delicious. I’d like to know if it’s available in the Atlanta area. Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated. Thank you. — Scott MacLean, Forest Park

A: Scott, thank you so much for reading. INKO’S is a small tea company out of New Jersey that makes a variety of flavored white teas. I found a couple of local places stocking a few varieties. Check out the GreenWise section of Publix, 104 Town Blvd., Atlanta, 404-233-7475. This Publix stocks INKO’S blueberry and white peach flavors, and each 16-ounce bottle sells for $1.69. At Return to Eden, 2335 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, 404-320-3336, you’ll find blueberry, honeysuckle and hint o’ mint flavors. Each bottle sells for $1.79. If you want to order other flavors online, then go to healthywhitetea.com, and enter “AJC” as the promotional code, and you’ll get a 25 percent discount for a limited time.

Q: I want to know where I can find the cake mixes by Duff, the guy who bakes on TV. I would like to make the zebra cake but can’t find the mix. Can you help me? — M. Sarkisian, Sandy Springs

A: Duff Goldman owns Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and is the star of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. He started a line of merchandise that includes baking and cake decorating items. Along with the vanilla-and-chocolate zebra cake mix, the line includes blue suede cake mix and a colorful tie-dye cake mix. I found the zebra mix in two stores with vastly different price tags. Target, 5570 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, 678-704-8120, sells Duff zebra cake mix for $2.99. Michael’s, 1155 Mt. Vernon Highway, Dunwoody, 770-394-4988, has zebra cake mix for $7.99.

Q: Kraft keeps changing the Velveeta. Please help me find Velveeta mild Mexican or even hot Mexican. Now all I’m finding is queso blanco and jalapeno, as well as the regular and light. They’ve obviously changed their current product line, but neither is nearly as good nor as spicy as the Mexican. I use Mexican Velveeta occasionally in some of my New Orleans recipes. Please help! Thanks for your help. — Tootie Jackoniski, email

A: Tootie, I realize that it’s pretty frustrating when you can’t find an ingredient that’s essential to your cooking. The good news for you is that Velveeta does make a Mexican flavored processed cheese. For now, Velveeta Mexican is just that — not mild nor hot. While availability is spotty, you can find 32-ounce blocks of Kraft Velveeta Mexican for $5.98 at Walmart, 1871 Chamblee Tucker Road, Chamblee, 770-455-0422.