Where can I find it?

Q: I'm looking for white anchovies marinated in a herbal vinegar and oil. I used to be able to find these, ready to eat, at Whole Foods off Ponce de Leon. However, they just stopped carrying them. This is a delicacy in Spain, and my mother loves them. I do, too! I sure would appreciate if you could let me know where we could find these again. We have been looking all over the place. Thank you for your help. — Anna Pavon, Jonesboro

A: Marinated white anchovies, or boquerones in Spain, are popular in many Mediterranean countries. White anchovies are regular brown anchovies that have been marinated in vinegar to turn them white. You can find them for $2.47 per ounce at Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road, 404-365-0410.

Q: For many years, I have been using some 12-inch by 10-inch zippered, nylon mesh bags to hold my lingerie when I put it in with my regular wash. Unfortunately, they are now disintegrating. Can you find me something similar that I can use for this? I would prefer phone or online ordering, as I no longer drive. Although I haven't needed your help before now, I always look forward to reading your column. Thank you. — Dorothea Millard, Atlanta

A: Thank you for reading, Dorothea. I found a set of two Whitmor laundry delicates wash bags that are mesh and have zipper closures. The set is priced at $7.99. One bag measures 21 inches by 18 inches, making it ideal for sweaters, while the smaller one is 11 inches by 15 inches. They're available through macys.com or by calling 800-289-6229. When ordering, use Web ID 558863.

Q: I make several recipes that use a cup or so of strong black coffee as an ingredient. I'm a tea drinker myself and don't own a coffee maker. I don't care to use instant coffee as the flavor doesn't resemble coffee much. I've heard of brewed coffee in bottles but I've only noticed them online, and I would prefer to buy it locally. I think the shipping charges would be high otherwise. Can you find this item for me, please? Thank you. — Earline Schultz, Woodstock

A: Having plenty of coffee around for your recipes won’t be a problem. Trader Joe’s offers cold brew coffee concentrate that packs a powerful java punch, making it ideal to flavor cakes or even barbecue sauces if you’re not interested in iced coffee drinks. It comes in a generous quart bottle and sells for $7.99 at Trader Joe’s, 635 W. Crossville Road, Roswell, 770-645-8505.

Q: Please tell me where I can order Max Factor Pan Stick makeup. I'm looking for the color olive. I realize that stick foundations are no longer popular, but this type has always worked best for my skin type. Thanks. — Celia Smith, email

A: When you find a foundation that works perfectly for you, then it's probably wise to stick with that product. The best price I found for Max Factor Pan Stick, 30 olive, is $9.44 through beautyencounter.com.