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6 ways for seniors to keep in touch with family

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Seniors may find it difficult to stay in contact with family as time goes on. Friends and family may have moved away from where you live to pursue careers or other goals, and over the years you may also have suffered the loss of a spouse.

The result is that 33-43% of older Americans say they're sometimes or always lonely, according to a Kaiser Health News article. However, feeling lonely isn't always a cause for panic. In fact, it can motivate you to find ways to connect with others.

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The following are some of the best ways to stay in contact with family:

Multigenerational trips

Make memories with family members that are scattered throughout the country by planning a multigenerational vacation. Aplaceformom.com recommends finding a destination that has activities for everyone and not pressuring everyone to participate in every group activity.


If you have grandchildren who are in their teens, you’ve probably seen their thumbs flying as they send countless text messages back and forth with their friends. Join in this type of communication, which is quick and easy and lets you exchange photos as well as brief messages.

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Social media

Social media sites like Facebook make it easy to post photos and share messages with everyone who's "friended" you online, with specific family members or with just one person. You can also create a family Facebook group and post things you want all group members to see — such as plans for that multigenerational vacation. Caring Senior Service also suggests using Pinterest if you want to share photos and information from your latest gardening, cooking, crafting or other project.

Phone calls

With all the technology available, a simple phone call is still a good way to keep in touch, according to alegrecare.com. If you'd like to not only hear your family member's voice but also see them, try video calling tools like SkypeFaceTime or Zoom.

Senior-friendly tech products

If you struggle a bit with technology or need some vision assistance or other added help, you can find smart devices that address your needs, care.com said. The site recommends GrandPad, a simplified tablet with large text and buttons as well as security features. Cell phones specifically designed for seniors include the Smart2 from GreatCall.

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Marco Polo

If you and your family have difficulty scheduling a specific time to connect with each other, Marco Polo could solve the problem, according to USA Today. It’s similar to video communication apps like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, but the video is saved, so you or your loved ones can view it or respond when it’s convenient.

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