5 activities for older adults that won’t bore you

Being an older adult doesn’t have to mean spending hours in front of the TV or playing bingo. There are plenty of activities that can stimulate the body and the mind.

From clubs to classes and everything in between, here's a list of activities from The Arbor Company that older adults can enjoy while steering clear of boredom. As with many things nowadays, it's important to take heed of social distancing and safety guidelines with any activity you participate in amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Create some art

From acrylics to watercolors, older adults can choose the paint that works best for them and let their creativity fly. Many assisted living facilities offer art classes, but it’s also a hobby you can take up solo. All you need are brushes, a canvas and your choice of paint to make whatever comes to mind.

De-stress with pets

Pet therapy is used in a variety of places including hospitals, colleges and assisted living centers. What better way to spend your time and relieve stress than by getting some snuggles in with pets?

"It's proven that when you're petting a dog or cat you release serotonin," Atlanta-based therapist Kaylee Simon, LMSW told the AJC. "Also, your heart rate decreases and so does your anxiety, just from the motion and the actual petting of the dog."

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Play some music

Music is a hobby older adults can take up — or even resume — that time may not have allowed for before retirement. It doesn’t mean putting on a favorite record, CD or cassette, either. Instead, take on the piano or pick up the saxophone again and learn to play your favorite song yourself.

Take local excursions

Whether in a socially distanced, small group or solo, as businesses begin reopening in the city, there are opportunities to explore places such as the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or see the new and improved habitats at Zoo Atlanta.

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Get to gardening

Gardening has been popular amid the coronavirus pandemic and it's a good way to get outdoors and occupy your time. Digging in the dirt can be relaxing and it also results in aesthetically pleasing and edible items like tomatoes for a tasty sandwich or salad.