A tree limb fell on the boy, causing brain damage five years ago.

Tripp Halstead goes home in time for Christmas

Tripp Halstead will be home in time to see Santa afterall.

He went home Thursday after a stay at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The young boy captured the nation’s heart  five years ago after he was severely injured by a falling tree limb.

Tripp was hospitalized with rhinovirus, according to an earlier post on social media.


Tripp Halstead hospitalized with rhinovirus

Tripp Halstead: Five years later

His mother, Stacy Halstead, wrote on Facebook that because of her son’s fragile health, his illness takes “on a whole new meaning... I won’t lie, being in the ICU is always scary with Tripp.”

Tripp Halstead is unable to walk or talk, but he’s begun to show emotions. (CASEY SYKES, CASEY.SYKES@AJC.COM)
Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“We got our first little smile in over a week! Love this face. It’s so nice to be home. In case you missed it, Tripp spent the past 6 days in the Hospital with pneumonia,” his mother wrote on Facebook Friday.

 “We are still treating him at home with his CPT vest and breathing treatments every 6 hours and he is on antibiotics for another 6 days. He will still use oxygen at night to help him sleep easier.”

She said the winter break starts Monday, which will give Tripp plenty of time to recover before he returns to school next year.

 “He is one tough kid for sure. Sailor the cat was certainly happy to have his buddy home and great News, we got his allergy tests back and Tripp is not allergic to the cat!”