This is what happens when Atlanta surgeons have a pumpkin carving contest

When it comes to pumpkin carving, the days of triangular eyes and noses are long gone thanks to new tools, stencils and Pinterest inspiration.

But there’s a pack of pumpkin carvers out there who would be very hard to beat: pediatric surgeons. Not only do they have the steadiness and precision needed for the most intricate designs, they also share a unique, child-like sense of creativity.

This year, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta held its first-ever Pediatric Surgeon Pumpkin Carving Contest and turned the judging over to its patients.

Participating carvers represented a wide range of surgical specialties, including pediatric orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery and general surgery.

Some carved images they knew their patients would like: Snoopy, a Minion, sports teams. Others let their specialty guide their creation: a light-up brain, a skeleton with a broken leg, a hand, cast-covered limbs.

What were the design parameters? 

Each design should showcase carving skills, but feel free to also add decorations, paint, etc., as your creativity deems fit. We want to visually reinforce that pediatric physicians have a unique ability to understand the emotional and physical needs of kids, so let your inner child run free—while also showing off those expert skills.

The winner?

Patients cast their ballots this week and Dr. Brahma’s neurosurgery-inspired, two-tone cranial creation took first prize.

The winner in CHOA’s first pumpkin-carving contest with pediatric surgeons. 

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