Where can I find it?

Q: We can no longer find Hunt’s sauce with roasted garlic at our local grocery stores. It added the right flavor to my grandmother’s sauce recipe, and is much easier than trying to roast your own garlic. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Joni Seidl, Duluth

A: Hunt’s tomato sauce with roasted garlic flavor is readily available, if you know where to look. Check out Food Depot, 1250 Tech Dr., Norcross, 770-806-3915. Here you’ll find 8-ounce cans of the sauce for 58 cents each.

Q: I am looking for Estee Lauder Futurist Age-Resisting makeup, fawn. I’ve been using Estee Lauder makeup for 30 years. The store sold me Double Wear Stay in Place makeup, which is very drying on my face. I hope you can help me find some fawn. Thanks for your help. JoAnn Noel, Sandy Springs

A: JoAnn, while Estee Lauder currently only offers one shade of its Futurist Age-Resisting liquid makeup — pale almond — you still can buy it, but you’ll have to do so through Amazon.com — and you’ll pay about double for the 1-ounce bottle. You’ll find Estee Lauder Futurist Age-Resisting makeup, SPF 15, in fawn tint starting at $89.

Q: I am looking for Honeysuckle White home style marinated turkey breast tenderloins. I have gotten them at Kroger in the past, but the store no longer carries them. Publix does not carry these, either. They are perfect for a small family that doesn’t want the hassle of fixing a whole turkey for Thanksgiving. They are seasoned perfectly and easy to prepare. Thank you. Elaine Jones, Cumming

A: I spoke with someone in the meat department at Ingles Market, 436 Canton Road, Cumming, 770-889-5868, and found out that you can call and order the Honeysuckle White home style turkey breast tenderloins. The turkey tenderloins should arrive about two days or so after you place the order.

You can stop looking.

Old Dutch Sweet-and-Sour salad dressing is one of those items that readers request on a regular basis. While stock has been spotty, it now is nonexistent. According to Reily Foods, the parent company of the fat-free dressing, Old Dutch was discontinued last year. There were hopes that another food company would come in and buy out Old Dutch and continue production, but that hasn’t happened. However, it’s still for sale, so don’t be surprised if Old Dutch pops back up on grocery shelves in the future.