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Q: I have looked all over and can’t find fresh cake yeast in Atlanta. There is a bread my husband grew up eating that his grandmother made and it calls for Fleischmann’s cake yeast, which is readily available in Chicago where they are from. I would love to see if you might be able to find it for me. Thanks. Wendy Vocelka, email

A: Wendy, the reason that you seldom see fresh active yeast cakes, or compressed yeast, in local markets is because, unlike dried granules, it’s highly perishable. With a refrigerated shelf life of about two weeks, it’s simply not practical for markets to stock it, especially since most people use the dry version that has a much longer shelf life. However, you can call Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, 404-365-0410, and order fresh yeast, which is used by the pastry department. The store orders it by the pound, so the price depends on how much you need. Call ahead to order.

Q: My husband and I are going to fly out of state this spring, and we want to go without checked luggage for the first time. We each have a small carry-on bag, so we don’t want to load it up. For toiletries, I have some small travel bottles that I can load with what I need, but my husband doesn’t want to deal with that. I’m trying to find a small toiletries set for men that has the basics — deodorant, shampoo, shave cream, toothpaste. He’s not particular about the brand. Is there something like that out there, or do I have to make one myself? Thanks for your help. Cari Stewart, email

A: Since your husband doesn’t care about brands, I think I found just the travel set with an array of well-known brands. Look for Nice! On the Move men’s travel kit for $9.99. It comes loaded with the essentials, including shampoo, Degree deodorant, Gillette shave cream, Old Spice body wash, shaver and a toothbrush, packed in a quart-size bag that meets TSA standards for carry on luggage. You’ll find it at several Walgreens stores, including the location at 3925 Peachtree Road, 470-639-4239.

Q: I’m still old-fashioned enough to use bar soaps instead of liquids. I really liked Zest with cocoa butter and shea butter but it seems to have vanished. Can you find it for me, please? This was a soap that didn’t dry out my skin, and I liked the mild fragrance. Thank you. W. Hampton, Atlanta

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A: Zest bar soap with creamy cocoa butter and shea is still readily available, if you know where to look. Check out Dollar Tree, 2863 N Decatur Road, Decatur, 404-501-0140. In the soap aisle, you’ll find a variety of Zest soaps, including the one with cocoa butter and shea in the brown package. You’ll get two 3.2-ounce bars for $1.

Q: I want to make ice cream sandwiches with my brownie recipe. I’ve seen the silicone ice cream sandwich makers where you bake the batter in a silicone pan. That’s not what I want. I just want a metal baking pan with the cake forms, then I can make the sandwiches myself. I can’t seem to find one of these. I’d rather buy it locally and not online. Thanks. Dot Hopkins, Cartersville

A: Wilton makes a pan that sounds exactly like what you’re seeking. The non-stick ice cream sandwich pan features 12 rectangular cavities with indentations to resemble those on traditional ice cream sandwiches. The cakes come out thicker than the treats you buy at the store, which might be perfect for your brownies. You’ll find the pan for $14.99 at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft, 2500 Cobb Place Lane, Kennesaw, 770-428-9986.

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