Where to buy gift cards at the last minute

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1. Wal-Mart and other big box retailers 2. Order a digital gift online 3. Buy late at night from CVS or Walgreens

It’s Christmas Eve, which means it’s not too late for a last-minute gift of a gift card. Gift cards are flexible presents that are also easy to pick up at the last minute. The exact information varies by your location, but here is generally where you can find gift cards at the last minute.

- Wal-Mart and other big retailers -

Look no farther than the area near the cash registers and there should be gift cards. Big box retailers like Wal-Mart, especially at Christmas, keep the gift cards near the registers where everyone will see them.

Some stores such as Kroger also keep some near the birthday/holiday card isle.

- Order a digital gift card online -

If you can't get to a store, there are digital gift cards. You can order online  from Amazon, Macy's, Bonobo's and Nike. It's harder to wrap, but still a great last-minute option.

- Drug stores -

Walgreens and CVS tend to be open later and also carry gift cards. Be sure to call the store you’re interested in to see if the hours listed online are affected by Christmas.

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