Refreshing bedroom can be simple, inexpensive

Linda Castle, a member of the America Society of Interior Designers, is the owner of Decorated Designs,

Linda Castle

Summer’s here so it may be time to refresh the master bedroom that may be looking a little dated and tired.

Here are a few quick turnarounds to get your room in style.

1. Paint is a quick and inexpensive step. Color affects all the systems of the body and produces a real physiological effect. So first determine the atmosphere you desire for your bedroom oasis.

While “true” red may be associated with anger and irritability, pink will calm, warm and nurture. Orange opens our emotions and acts as an anti-depressant. Green creates a sense of relaxation, but gray-greens imply decay. Blues calm and relax. Gray may initiate feelings of independence and ultimately loneliness. And yellow may inspire energy or anger.

So, give the color you select some thought before you spend money on paint, bedding, window treatments and upholstery. It is a big factor in creating the “feeling” you want to achieve.

2. Change out your bedcovering to a new matelassé. This is a classic treatment that is generally machine washable and solid in color. The fabric appears textured or quilted, and has a thickness to it.

This very affordable bed cover has a wonderfully fresh and up-to-date feel, and allows you to be very creative with pillows and accent fabrics because there is no competition from the covering.

3. Get creative with throw pillows. Here is a good place to add that pop of color that you can’t live without.

4. Reupholster a chair, chaise, ottoman or bench with a new and fresh fabric. Remove any ruffled or gathered skirt and replace it with a tailored skirt.

5. If possible, remove bed skirts and round skirted tables. Replace your skirted table with an unusual item such as a painted chest or something with character. Change the wood top of the bedside table with granite or marble. The days of all bedroom furniture matching and looking like “a set” are over.

6. How about adding a new lamp or lampshade? Sometimes just a new shade will totally transform a lamp and give it a new look.

7. Last but not least, if you still have a matching mirror over the dresser, it’s time to let it go. This is a great place to put a flat screen TV or some new and interesting mirror or art piece.