Rapper’s money saving advice goes viral (because it’s awesome)


Credit: Instagram/dee1music

Credit: Instagram/dee1music

Dee-1, a New Orleans-based rapper, is making a name for himself by producing music about personal finance, a topic many artists would never even dare to explore.

In a business where people spend a lot of money to fit in, Dee-1 deliberately chooses not to.

When Clark Howard heard about Dee-1, he couldn't wait to have the rapper on his radio show to hear more about the positive message he shares through music.

“I really just want people to live a healthier life in terms of their finances. I really want people’s mentalities to change, and I want people to be educated when it comes to not just making money, but spending money properly,” Dee-1 told Clark. “I grew up listening to hip-hop and all they tell us is ‘get money, get money, get money, get money,’ but no one ever tells you what to do once you get the money. And that’s what I’m trying to do.”

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