Kitty Barker, a 2-year-old spayed domestic shorthair tabby, is a pretty kitty with a fun-loving personality, and she is one of our longer residents. Kitty Barker enjoys playing with toys, and she is an active feline who enjoys talking to her humans. She would enjoy having places to perch in your home, especially in a patch of sunlight. She is sort of sheddy, so daily brushing will be a must for keeping her healthy and hairball-free, and keeping the “kitty tumbleweeds” at bay in your home. She knows how to use a scratching post, and prefers that it be tall enough for her to stretch while scratching. Scratching is natural for cats, so keeping their claws short and giving them appropriate places to scratch is helping to fulfill their needs. We do not know whether she enjoys the company of other cats, or whether she has lived with children or any other pets. Please bring any existing children to meet her. Kitty Barker is a gorgeous smoke tabby, and she is very spry. All canine and feline adoptions from AHS include free extras, but the initial cost of a dog or cat is only part of the money a new owner will need to spend to properly care for a pet during its lifetime. Kitty Barker has been microchipped and dewormed, and is current on her vaccinations. She will be available at 2 p.m. today at the Atlanta Humane Society Howell Mill Campus, 981 Howell Mill Road N.W. Sealed bids will be accepted starting at 11 a.m. if more than one party is interested. Please note that the highest bidder must meet adoption qualifications. Look at all our available pets at www.atlantahumane.org.