Photos: A guide to Your DeKalb Farmers Market

Your DeKalb Farmers Market, located on East Ponce de Leon, is an Atlanta icon.

The market launched in 1977 as a small produce stand before moving into its current digs, a massive 140,000-square-foot warehouse in Decatur. According to its website, the market serves over 100,000 customers each week with fresh produce, meats, seafood, breads, beer and wine, cheese, a deli and a restaurant.

DeKalb Farmers Market dubs itself “a world market”. Indeed, 184 flags from countries around the world decorate the ceilings, greeting shoppers as they enter the market. The employees too hail from all over the world with name tags that state their name, country of origin and which languages they speak. 

Produce is where the market shines with more than 450 varieties of domestic and international fruits and vegetables from McIntosh apples to taro root. 

Fresh, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice is available behind the produce stands.

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Tip: Not sure how to slice that prickly durian fruit you just picked out? You can get it and other unwieldy fruits sliced on-site.

Live crawfish at DeKalb Farmers Market. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

If you’re a seafood fan, whole fish, fillets and shellfish are available along with live seafood. 

Tip: Seafood department employees will clean and fillet your whole fish selection while you wait.

Kossivi Gnassou shows live fish. Customers can select Maine lobster, Dungeness crab, Blue crab, crawfish and catfish. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Anh Vo cuts tuna. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Smoked meat and sausages are made in-house. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Beef, pork and chicken, oh my! Plus lamb, veal, goat, turkey, duck, quail and rabbit. Did we mention that the meat is hormone-free and sourced from free-range farms?

Tip: Kosher and Halal-certified meats are available.

Poultry selection. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Cold cuts sliced just the way you like. Nitrate-free and low-sodium options are available. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Dried/cured meat selection. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Freshly baked artisan breads including croissants, baguettes, muffins, focaccia, pita, rolls, loaf cake and bagels. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Bread lovers, rejoice! Organic ingredients? Check. No high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives? Check. Pure bread-y goodness and free samples on the weekends? Check and check.

Bonus points: Gluten-free and dairy-free options are also available.

Baguettes at DeKalb Farmers Market. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Grains from around the world. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Spices for days. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Trying out a new recipe? Head over to the market’s wall of spices for a bevy of domestic and international spices, all at jaw-droppingly low prices. 

Pre-made cassesroles. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

For those days when you just don’t feel like cooking, check out the pre-made meals near the frozen foods section including breakfast quiches, lasagnas, macaroni and cheese and stuffed pastas.

Stuffed pastas made in-house. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Fresh pasta, sauce and pizza at DeKalb Farmers Market. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
Not for the lactose-intolerant. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Whether you just want some shredded American cheese or are a dairy aficionado, the market houses over 500 varieties of cheeses.

Vegan “meats”. Yummy! ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Vegans: DeKalb Farmers Market hasn’t forgotten about you with a section of faux-meats and faux-cheeses.

Hot food selection. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

You’re probably hungry after all of that grocery shopping. Head over to the hot bar for freshly-cooked international cuisine. 

Salad bar ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])
The coffee shop.  ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

The coffee shop is caffeine heaven with beans from over 20 countries and 31 flavor options.

Tip: There is a nut grinder near the coffee station to make fresh almond, cashew or peanut butter on-site.

Candy, candy, candy. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Have you ever had candy made with real fruit juice? It’s life-changing. 

The Pastry Shop at DeKalb Farmers Market. ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Treat yourself at the pastry shop. All of the items are, of course, made in-house. 

Tip: They have red velvet cheesecake. Red. Velvet. Cheesecake.


For libations, the market organizes wine and beer by geography and category.

Hawilt Haile works in the floral section at DeKalb Farmers Market on Friday, February 24, 2017.  ([HYOSUB SHIN / AJC])

Pick up a custom floral arrangement, live plant or fruit basket from the flower department.


Eco-conscious? An extensive recycling center beside the parking lot collects glass, cardboard, aluminum, steel and paper products.


DeKalb Farmers Market

3000 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur.
Open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Debit cards, EBT, cash and check are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted.

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