Woman takes extraordinary measures to rescue dog that saved her from attack

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A stray dog turned out to be a hero for a British woman vacationing in Greece, and ended up scoring a new home in another country.

But the dog wasn’t done surprising her new and grateful owner.

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Georgia Bradley, 25, was vacationing in Crete with her boyfriend when she took a walk on the beach alone, according to the Daily Mail. Two men began harassing her, asking her to join them for a drink. When she repeatedly refused, they physically attacked her.

That’s when the dog, which Bradley named Pepper, jumped into action. The small black dog barked at the assailants and scared them off. The dog then followed Bradley back to where she was staying.

The couple had to return home the next day, but Bradley couldn’t stop thinking about the dog. So she returned two weeks later and found the dog. She took Pepper to a veterinarian who prepared the dog to be transported to England.

Bradley spent thousands of pounds to secure the stray pooch a new home.

When Bradley returned to Greece to bring Pepper home after a 21-day mandatory quarantine, she was told that Pepper was pregnant.

The dog gave birth to six puppies at her new home in Cornwall.

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