Humane Society’s honest ad about ‘jerk’ dog goes viral

Sure, there are some dogs with special needs that make it difficult for them to get adopted.

And then there’s Eddie the Terrible.

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley has taken an unusual approach in its adoption ad for a "13 pounds of terror" Chihuahua named Eddie. The blog post outlines the reasons why most people would not want to adopt Eddie.

First, Eddie does not like other dogs. Taking Eddie on walks around the neighborhood is problematic because he goes from “zero to Cujo” in .05 seconds when he spots another dog. Forget visiting the dog park. Even though Eddie has never bitten anyone, his poor social skills make him a poor candidate for families with children. And while Eddie is crate-trained, he apparently goes ballistic if made to sleep in his crate.

The ad claims that even though Eddie has great qualities like being loyal, fun and housebroken, he’s rough around the edges and “kind of a jerk.” But the Humane Society also states Eddie is a jerk they believe in and needs the right owner who is ready for a challenge.

The humorous ad has quickly gone viral, increasing the chances that Eddie may find a home after all.