7 places Georgia grandparents can get help raising grandkids

Raising children in the today's economy is a difficult job, but for the many grandparents who have been tasked with the responsibility of caring for their grandkids, they face an even tougher challenge.

According to data from the 2010 U.S. Census and the Current Population Survey, about 7 million children lived with a grandparent in either a parent-maintained or a grandparent-maintained household.

» Number of grandparents raising their grandchildren rises

Several organizations in the metro-Atlanta area are answering grandparents' calls for help.

For example, the Potter's House, a Christian family and children's treatment center in Stone Mountain, offers a variety of services and resources for families who are in crisis.

"We are here to provide services for the individual child and the family, as well. We refer them to (the Division of Family and Children Services) for food stamps; to ministries where they can get food or clothing; we help them with (insurance) like Medicaid. We help them with the process because many times they are not aware that they can get insurance based on some dynamics," said Annie McFadden, an associate therapist with the Potter's House.

Here are other organizations that provide help to families in need.

Families First Atlanta, which has offices in Atlanta, and Cobb, Gwinnett and DeKalb counties, offers residential assistance, foster care, family counseling and work assistance.

Atlanta Salvation Army Financial Emergency Services Centers can be found throughout the metro Atlanta area, offereinghelp for families in financial distress through their Project Share and Project Hope programs.

Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority assists families through its Heat Energy Assistance Team and financial assistance programs.

Georgia Department of Human Services offers specific help to grandparents who are raising grandchildren; aid depends on eligibility and county of residence.

Gwinnett County Department of Community Service hasa resource guide that provides a quick overview of services, programs and general information throughout the Atlanta area.

United Way of Greater Atlanta provides education, income and the basic needs of families in more than 13 counties throughout the metro Atlanta area.

"Grandparents need to learn different techniques, because things have changed since they raised their children," said Lori Maddox, director of client services at Tthe Potter's House.