Georgia’s most popular baby names are William and Ava for the second year in a row

When it comes to baby names, Georgians know what they like. In 2015 and 2016, William and Ava were the most popular names in the state - but Camila and Bryson shot up the ranking, improving by double-digits.

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According to the Social Security Administration, which released data on applications for Social Security cards for children in 2016, 670 children were named William and 673 were named Ava last year.

The top ten male baby names and the number of kids with that name born in 2016 were:

  1. William, 670
  2. Noah, 627
  3. Mason, 608
  4. James, 528
  5. Elijah, 508
  6. Liam, 474
  7. Aiden, 459
  8. Carter, 459
  9. Michael, 450
  10. Ethan, 419

The most popular girls names and the number of babies with that name born in 2016 were:

  1. Ava, 673
  2. Olivia, 537
  3. Emma, 522
  4. Isabella, 410
  5. Madison, 389
  6. Charlotte, 383
  7. Sophia, 375
  8. Harper, 369
  9. Amelia, 355
  10. Abigail, 341

The top three baby boy names in Georgia remained the same from 2015 to 2016. William, Noah and Mason stayed in their respective one, two and three spots.

Liam became more popular in 2016, jumping five places to become sixth-most popular. The biggest gains, however, were among babies named  Bryson (up 26 spots to #42). Easton, Greyson, Luke, Lincoln, Connor and Oliver each saw a 15-spot-or-more increase. Messiah also rose by 14 places in 2016.

The male name that lost the most ground was Brandon (down 26 spots to #98). Colton, Cameron, Landon and Bentley also saw drops of 15 spots or more.

Like the boy’s list, the most popular three girls’ names of 2015 kept their places in 2016. Ava, Olivia and Emma were first, second and third, respectively, in both years.

The female name that increased the most from 2015 was Camila (up 24 places to #62). Kinsley, Eleanor, Eva, Ryleigh, Ellie, Naomi, Faith, Scarlett, Adeline and Lily all moved at least 15 places up on the top 100 list.

The girls’ name that lost the most popularity was Morgan (down 27 spots to #89). Mackenzie, Allison, Jordyn, Kylie, London, Trinity, Lauren, Bailey, Sadie, Arianna, and Victoria all moved 15 or more places down on Georgia’s baby name ranking.

Read the top 100 list on the Social Security Administration's website.

Ryan Stultz contributed to this story.