One Step Ahead boots easy for kids to pull on and take off

By Maggie O’Neill

Tribune News Service

Whether it’s rain, slush or snow that threatens, kids need a good pair of boots that they can quickly pull on during the winter months, just to be able to bolt out the door to school or to get in some outdoors playtime. One Step Ahead offers easy-on, easy-off boots made for both boys and girls.

Available in sizes 6 through 13, the boys’ boots come in black with an Army green outline on the top and base. The girls’ boots feature a background color of purple with a purple, rose and white snowflake pattern covering more than half of the boot. At the top are cut-out handles to facilitate easy pulling-on.

A tag in the upper part of each boot provides a place for a name and phone number while gripper soles offer solid traction on the ground, no matter what kind of cold-weather element is around. These 100 percent waterproof uppers are insulated with neoprene shafts to help prevent kids’ feet from getting wet.

The boots are also treated with an Aegis anti-microbial shield that stops the formation of algae, bacteria, fungus and mold. While the outsides are non-marking and self-cleaning, the boots can be popped into a cold-wash gentle spin-cycle in the washing machine if required.

Part of the company’s larger Cozy Cub outerwear set, the boots have matching product coordinates that include down coats, snow pants, and fleece jackets, hats, and mittens. The Cozy Cub Insulated All-Weather Boots, exclusive to this retailer, can be purchased for $44.95 at