Men working at bra company see what it's like to have breasts

Male employees at a Belgium-based lingerie company work to create and promote products that cater to a woman's physique.

"A question I often get is, 'As a man, how can you know what it is like to have a bigger cup size?'" PrimaDonna CEO Ignace Van Doorselaere said in a video. PrimaDonna specializes in luxury lingerie for larger cup sizes, up to J.

To better answer that question, Doorselaere challenged male employees to emulate the female experience by giving them weights to hang on their chests via neck straps. The weight mimics that of E cup breasts, weighing 2.2 to 3.5 pounds.

"You make lingerie for women with a larger cup size, but you have no clue," Doorselaere said. "But there is only one way for a man to realize what an E cup feels like … and that is having an E-cup."

The men complained of sore backs and sore shoulders. One wearer leaned on a table to rest them and alleviate the weight.

Doorselaere said the experience, which only lasted a day, taught the male employees how to craft more functional, supportive and comfortable bras.

"Good support is important. Everybody at PrimaDonna knows that now," he said.