Marietta woman showcases creativity amid self-isolation with fantasy drawings

Kathy Wood has illustrated everything from an alien encounter to a pirate ship and brought them to life at her home

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through the country, many Americans are under strict instruction to stay at home and practice social distancing from others. Here are five ways you can cope with loneliness while still safely staying at home.

Feelings of boredom led a Marietta woman to transform her driveway into a canvas of creativity.

Kathy Wood told  WSB-TV she has been spending 15 minutes to two hours a day using chalk to illustrate creative scenes on her driveway in Cobb County.

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“At first, it was boredom,” Wood said. “Then I thought my grandkids would get a kick out of it since I couldn’t see them that much.”

The scenes, which Wood has shared on her Instagram page since April 10, depict the grandmother sailing the sea on a pirate ship, shooting out of a canon and soaring over KFC's Big Chicken, an iconic Marietta landmark.

“Well, I thought that would be funny,” she said of her images.

And it’s not just her getting in on the action of the drawings, which Wood said her husband snaps.

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recent image shows her grandchildren taking an imaginary ride on a camel.

She told 11Alive she tried to "make pictures that I knew weren't possible for me like dunking a basketball and doing a handstand on a balance beam."

Wood, who also shares images on her Facebook page such as an encounter with aliens practicing social distancing, also fuses uplifting messages in her artwork. For her "Sesame Street" drawing featuring Big Bird, Elmo and Grover, she captioned the post, "It's good to have friends!"

The local woman, who said she “can’t sit still,” regularly updates her social media with new drawings. And those concerned about not getting new images when it rains are in luck — Wood plans for wet weather.

“Some days I do two-a-day to give myself a rain date, in case it rains,” she told 11 Alive. “So I hose it down right away and usually start on the next one.”

A tennis player, Wood has also found a solution of sorts for that hobby through her drawings — an imaginary tennis match with her pals.

“I’m really enjoying it,” she told WXIA of the drawings.